Services Kiwi Plants Provides

Biodiversity Contracting

New Zealand wide service that specialises in supply of provenanced (eco-sourced) native seed, seedlings and plugs collected from all ecological districts and ecosystems.

Contact us for advice on:-

Native amenity Native forestry (silviculture)
Wetland re-establishment Intertidal
Revegetation Coastal forest
Sand dune restoration Lowland forest
Alpine restoration Esturine plants
Riparian establishment River systems
Subdivision landscape consent works Stream reconstruction
Roading earthworks Earthworks landscape mitigation
Botanical Survey and Ecological Monitoring
  • Native plant amenity enhancement
  • Indigenous and endemic bio-diversity enhancement (innoculation of sites with litter etc.)
  • Native species rescue
  • Native habitat restoration
  • Native habitat establishment and development
  • Native forestry projects
  • Gene pool collections
  • Waste water filtration species planting
  • Ecological Planting
  • Ecological restoration
  • Maintenance and development planning of native projects
  • Native landscaping
  • Pre Spraying
  • Hand release work (weed control)
  • Spot Spraying
  • Bushbar cutting
  • Site preparation, planting, fertilising, releasing (weed control), and predator control
  • Special selection thinning, successional planting, bushbar cutting, pruning, fertilising, spot spraying herbicides, and pervasive weed removal
  • Biosecurity response capability
  • Carbon sequestration planting and monitoring
  • Ecological monitoring
  • Hydrobush (pre-ordered native seed mix packs)
  • Hydrobush (pre-ordered native seed mix packs)
  • Ecological survey and monitoring
  • Resource management Act (RMA)
  • Regional and district planning to relevant territorial authority
  • Cultural impact report
  • Environment Court mitigation works
  • Native herbal plant collections (Rongoa)